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Trespuentes Bridge

  • Trespuentes Roman Bridge

Trespuentes Bridge

The Trespuentes Bridge connects the two riverbanks of the River Zadorra. On the bridge, in the way that leads to town, we will notice the old path built by the Romans. T

he bridge consists of thirteen round arches and it was constructed with pieces of stone and mortar, except for those stones that bear the arch. 

The following restorations gave way to stone parapets on both sides of the bridge.

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Carretera A-3306, Trespuentes   - 01191  Iruña Oka/Iruña de Oca

Phone:   +34 945 355 089Phone:  

+34 945 355 089

Artistic style:

Roman origin with subsequent restorations.

Period :

Roman period