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Historical-artistic complex of Salvatierra

  • Historical-artistic complex of Salvatierra

Historical-artistic complex of Salvatierra

Salvatierra-Agurain is a medieval village and, as such, was walled for several centuries.


In that period the village had only three streets: Mayor, which comprises the most interesting houses from an artistic standpoint; Carnicería and Zapatari, which hosted the village's butchers and shoemakers respectively. Nowadays these streets form the old and artistic part of the village.


There, we will find a good number of monumental buildings, such as the fortress-churches of San Juan and Santa María, the Casa de las Viudas (Widows' House), the oldest civilian building in the municipality, the houses of the Begoña, the Azkarraga or the Bustamante families, the Diezmo house and the Olbeas de San Juan.

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+34 945 302 931 (Tourist Office)

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