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San Juan Bautista Church (Salvatierra)

It was originally conceived as a fortress. The temple that we know today originated at the end of the 15th century and mainly in the 16th, due to the fire that broke out in Salvatierra in 1564 and which destroyed the previous church. It is a rectangular Gothic style temple, with a tower which consists of two different parts.


In the cruise section there is a 17th century belfry and at the base of the tower there is a pointed arch door with a moulding. The gateway and the bell tower are both of Baroque style. The complex is very austere and its inner layout is of a Gothic style from the first half of the 16th century. It consists of a rectangular base with three naves of different heights and a straight ambulatory.


The main altarpiece is a work begun by Mateo de Zabala in 1646 and continued by Pedro de Obrel in 1650. It is classified as classicist Baroque and was completed towards 1660. The image of the Andra Mari de Egileor of the 14th century is kept in the sacristy. Also noteworthy is the organ, located in the chancel. It was built by Juan Monturus in the 19th century.


Guided tours of the historic quarter of Agurain take place every Sunday at 13:00 and on Thursdays in July and August. Registration at the tourist office.

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Plaza de San Juan - 01200 Agurain/Salvatierra
Artistic style
15th-16th centuries


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