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Provincial Historical Archive of Alava

The Archivo Histórico Provincial de Alava (Alava History Archives) was declared historic monument because of the value of its collection.


The archive was created by a decree issued on November 12th, 1931, with an aim to preserve and disseminate notarial protocols over 100 years old. Later on, other types of documents (the oldest date from the 13th century) and, at present, manages the documentation produced by notaries and by the State's public admininstration in the province of Alava. It also collects private archives. It is possible to consult the documents kept in its deposits. We can find there any kind of document created by public institutions and documentation belonging to the Real Sociedad Bascongada de Amigos del País, Universidad de Oñati and to several lineages of the territory.


The Archivo Histórico Provincial de Alava has occupied four different premises along its history, and on July 2004 it finally settled in its definite location in the university distric of the capital, between the strudents' residence and the Business and trade studies faculty.

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Paseo de la Zumaquera, 21 - 01006 Vitoria-Gasteiz
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Guided tours to visit this monument must be booked by calling 945 181 818.


It hosts a biennial exhibition.


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