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Floreaga Palace

  • Floreaga Palace

Floreaga Palace

In the beginning, Floreaga Palace was built in stone and Gothic style. After the towers' destruction by Pedro IV, its owner, Pedro Sánchez de Zuazola, built it again in brick and Mudejar style. The sober door giving access to the main gallery, the building's mullions and an ogee arch on the eastern façade are remarkable features. From 1677 onwards the house came under the administration of Garcíez Counts and lost its original splendour. The famous pelota player Atano III was born in 1904 in this palace, which as time went by turned into a farm. Nowadays the building hosts the restaurant known as Restaurante Joseba.

Services: Bar/Coffee bar / Parking / Restaurant

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Calle Aizkibel, 10  - 20720  Azkoitia

Phone:   +34 943 151 878 (Loyola Visit Centre) / +34 943 857 170 (Culture Centre)Phone:  

+34 943 151 878 (Loyola Visit Centre) / +34 943 857 170 (Culture Centre)

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16th century