San Pedro Apostol Church

San Pedro Apostol Church

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This Gothic building was erected attached to the city walls, which explains why its main portal and entrance was located on one side up to the 19th century, when a new entrance was added. Most of this beautiful building was constructed in the 14th century. Its plan forms a Latin cross with an asymmetric apse. 

The old portal (in calle Herrería) is one of the most impressive sculptural complexes in the Basque Autonomous Region. It is presided by an image of the Virgin accompanied by Saint James and Saint Peter and, on the other side, Saint Paul and Saint John. Saint Peter presides the tympanum. All of these figures were elegantly and exquisitely carved. In the interior, we find ogival arches, Gothic windows and cross ribbed vaults. 

The abundance of heraldic motifs in the church as decoration is an outstanding feature of this temple.


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Religious buildings
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Parisch church

Calle Fundadora de las Siervas de Jesús - 01001 Vitoria-Gasteiz
Artistic style
Middle Ages (14th century)