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Matxitxako Lighthouse

  • Matxitxako Lighthouse
  • Matxitxako Lighthouse

Matxitxako Lighthouse

Cape Matxitxako has two lighthouses, the old one is not used any more. Nowadays, only the new one operates.


The old lighthouse, whose tower is the unique element that remains standing, was inaugurated in 1852 and kept operating until 1909. It was built in masonry with ashlar from Duranguesado quarries. 

The current lighthouse is situated 110 metres from the old tower. The first started functioned when the latter was taken out of service. The building consists of the lighthouse keepers' house, the storeroom and the stock depot. It has rectangular plan, the central body has two floors and the lateral bodies have one floor only. 

The main entrance is a semi-circular arch. The tower is located at the end, with octagonal plan and built in checker work with a nice cast iron dome that hosts the lighthouse's light.

To get here:

take the BI 3101 road from Bermeo, leaving the town via the district of Arene. When you reach the gasworks you will find an area on the right where you can park. From there take the path down to the lighthouse, but be aware that the climb back up on the return journey is quite steep.


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Cabo de Matxitxako  - 48370  Bermeo

Phone:   +34 946 179 154 (Tourist Office)Phone:  

+34 946 179 154 (Tourist Office)

Period :

The old lighthouse dates back to the 19th century and the new one dates back to the 20th century.