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Enparan Towerhouse

  • Enparan Towerhouse
  • Enparan Towerhouse

Enparan Towerhouse

The old Enparan tower of Azpeitia dates back to 1320. It was the Enparan family's residence, relatives of the Oñacino side. Many of those born in this house served in Castille's Court.


King Enrique IV of Castille ordered the dismantling of every tower house in Gipuzkoa in order to put an end to side battles and the house was restored in 1535, pulling down the building's upper part. However, it did not have its present appearance till 1750.


Nowadays it is a rectangular Gothic house formed by three bodies: the central one has square plan, higher than the other two, and has pinnacles on the roof. Nowadays, the building hosts the Town Library but its rooms also hold other activities, such as civil weddings.

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Paseo de los Fueros  - 20730  Azpeitia

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14th century