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Bilbao City Hall

  • Bilbao City Hall

Bilbao City Hall

Bilbao's City Hall was built at the end of 19th century, in the ancient location of San Agustín convent. Architect Joaquín Rucoba was the project's head. This monumental building was built in eclectic language, combining classicist origins of different origin, mainly the 3rd Republic's French public architecture. In the main façade stands out the eight-column and three-arch arcade. This great balcony is crowned by a pediment hosting a clock and finished in a tower. Beside the arcade, two side-openings confer verticality to the building. Sculptures, busts and statues decorate its façades. Luxury and magnificence prevail also inside, as can be seen in the plenary room, the hall and staircase and the reception room. The latter was built in Neo-Arab style and the other two in Neo-Renaissance style.

Services: Children facilities / Park / Exhibition hall / Conference Hall

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Plaza Ernesto Erkoreka   - 48007  Bilbao

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