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Church of San Pedro

  • Church of San Pedro (Deusto)

Church of San Pedro

The church of San Pedro in Deusto was projected in 1515. It is a one-nave temple with three uneven stretches. 

The building was made completely in masonry and late Gothic style, whose characteristics can be seen in the columns' decoration, the openings and the main facade door. However, the belfry and the choir were built later, following different styles. Inside we'll find three interesting altarpieces, the main one in Renaissance style.

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Type of resources:

Religious buildings

Monument type:

Parochial church


Plaza San Pedro, 1 (Deusto)  - 48014  Bilbao

Phone:   +34 944 754 964 (Church of San Pedro)Phone:  

+34 944 754 964 (Church of San Pedro)

Artistic style:

Basque Gothic

Period :

16th century