St. Vincent of Abando Church

St. Vincent Martyr of Abando Church

Art & Culture

Cultural Heritage

The present church was built in the 16th century but there was another church before. 

The works were made in masonry and checker work. The church is divided in three naves, five stretches each, separated by classical style columns (with Dorian capitals). The cover is a Gothic style cross ribs vault. 

Two facade doors give access to the inside. The first one is Gothic, with pointed archivolts and jambs. The second one, the main facade, has a lowered and poorly decorated arch supporting a modern belfry by 1894. 

In there we'll find an image of San Vicente Mártir within a niche. The temple has five gold-wood altarpieces, all of them with high-quality sculptures.

Information of interest

Type of resources
Religious buildings
Monument type

Parochial church

Ibañez de Bilbao, 18 - 48001 Bilbao
Artistic style
Basque Gothic
16th century

Apart from the typical activities of a church, there are several choral concerts all through the year.