Agustinos Descalzos Convent

Agustinos Descalzos Convent (San Agustin Kultur Gunea)

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Cultural Heritage

The convent of the Agustinos Descalzos consisted of the church and a residence. It was built in the 16th century and operated up to the 19th century's "desamortización" (sale and secularization of church owned properties).


Later on, it was used as a hospital and old people's home. The church, in Renaissance style, is remarkable because of its rectangular and vertical façade with a semi-circular arched portico.  It has large windows and a carved figure of San Agustín occupies the facade's centre.


The building is Baroque. It has an inner courtyard and on its facade, by the access door, stands out a coat of arms in the centre and the large abbatial balcony with its forged parapet.


Nowadays, the church building hosts a culture centre and the convent is an old people's home.

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Religious buildings
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San Agustinalde, 12 - 48200 Durango
Artistic style
Baroque and Renaissance
16th century

The cultural centre that houses the convent, San Agustin Kultur Gunea, organizes theatre and dance performances, as well as music concerts


  • Public toilet
  • Park
  • Exhibition hall
  • Conference Hall
  • Guided visit