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Kurutziaga Cross

  • Kurutziaga Cross
  • Kurutziaga Cross

Kurutziaga Cross

Kurutziaga cross was erected in the 15th century and is unique in its kind due to its characteristics. The symbolism it presents may be related to the heresy spread in Durango at the time.


The monument, carved in dark sandstone, is full of images and is four and a half metres high. A serpent with a woman's head winds around the flagpole and, above it, appear the protagonists of the Original Sin: Adam and Eve. The twelve apostles are represented in the capital.


The upper body shows the most relevant elements of Kurutziaga cross: on the one side a representation of Paradise, and the Stations of the Cross on the other. And there, above the crucifixion, we find images of the moon and the sun, two angels supporting them while two others crown them.

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Kurutziaga, 38 (Ermita de Vera Cruz)  - 48200  Durango

Phone:   +34 946 033 938 (Durango Tourist Office)Phone:  

+34 946 033 938 (Durango Tourist Office)

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15th century