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Cofradia Vieja y Zubi Zaharra

The Old Bridge or Zubi Zaharra and the Cofradía Vieja are one of the most charming places in Ondarroa, and are located in the old part of the village.


The Old Bridge links the two banks of the river Artibai. In the 16th century there was a wooden bridge, but another bridge was built in 1795, in a Romanesque style. In 1936, during the Civil War, it was seriously damaged and in 1953 the floodings destroyed it almost completely. As a result, today it is very difficult to see the original structure of the old bridge.


The Cofradía de Pescadores is located next to the Old Bridge. The architect Pedro Guimon arranged the project in 1920 and, even so, it looks like medieval. Under the Cofradía we can find the market's square.

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