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Quarries of Andrabide

In the road between Gautegiz-Arteaga and Ereño there are some old quarries that extracted crystallised limestone rock with coral remains. These deposits were found 2,000 years ago and that's when their exploitation began.


The extraction carried on all over history, which is why there were excellent masonry workers. In the 20th century Altzarraga (quarry located in Andrabide neighbourhood) extracted the stone mechanically, by means of helicoid thread, in order to get rectangular marble blocks. We'd like to mention that this stone is easily distinguishable in elements of the Basque cultural and historic heritage.


Many churches, palaces and buildings of the country host decorative elements made in this precious stone. Even if nowadays it is not exploited any more, this marble is famous all over the world.

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Barrio Andrabide - 48314 Gautegiz Arteaga