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Chapel of San Miguel de Arretxinaga

  • Interior of the Chapel of San Miguel

Chapel of San Miguel de Arretxinaga

The chapel of San Miguel de Arretxinaga was built in the 18th century as the previous chapel was in ruins. It has a hexagonal floor plan and a six-sided pyramid roof. It is built in uncut stone.


The dome has six nerve blocks, joined in the centre with plant decoration. The chapel entrance is a simple jack arch with a small bell tower on top.


The three large rocks inside are the main attraction of the chapel. They support each other, creating a small chapel. At the centre stands the figure of Archangel Michael.  The rocks are over 40 million years old. According to popular legend, young men who want to get married within a year must pass three times under the rocks.

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Arretxinaga, 24  - 48270  Markina-Xemein

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+34 946 166 303

Period :

18th century