The Convent Hospital of Sasiola

The Convent Hospital of Sasiola

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At the beginning of the 16th century, the Franciscan Order of the Regular Observance tried to establish a convent beside the Itziar Sanctuary, but the church chapters opposed and they had to give up. 


It was then when Juan Pérez de Licona donated the Sasiola shipyard to the order together with the lands surrounding it, with the aim of building the second Franciscan convent in Gipuzkoa. 


There are remaining parts of the ancient cloister, the hospital and the church. The latter has one-nave with belfry and is divided into three parts with special reinforcements in the exterior by means of buttresses and even an arc-boutant. 


Inside, there is a magnificent wooden altarpiece dating from the 17th century perfectly preserved that portrays the life of San Francisco.

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Convent Hospital

Carretera Deba-Mendaro (Barrio Sasiola) - 20820 Deba
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16th century