Ozollo mill

Ozollo Errota Tide Mill

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Gautegiz-Arteaga keeps the only flour tide mill, quite common in the past: the Ozollo Errota tide mill. Likewise, the one in Arteaga is the best kept and the only one keeping almost all its facilities. The mill was built around 1638 near the Laida beach, in the Kanala area. A marshland was closed with walls for the mill and its feedback came from the rear millpond. Apart from the grinding building, where the motor wheels were placed, the mill has another building in the depotýs lowest point. It is a house located on the Riverýs shore, over the water lockgates. Ozollo Errota tide mill is the most valuable heritage element in Urdaibai. The mill stopped its activity at the beginning of the 20th century and nowadays it is a private property.

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Barrio Ozollo - 48314 Gautegiz Arteaga
17th century