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The hermitage of San Roque

  • The hermitage of San Roque

The hermitage of San Roque

The hermitage of San Roque is located in the upper part of the village, by the ancient road that goes up to Itziar.


The first record on this sanctuary dates back to the early 17th century and as for architecture, its wooden façade door and the choir placed above the hall are worth to mention. The hermitage is setting for some celebrations.


In fact, San Roque patron saint festival takes place there on August 16th.


On this day this sanctuary opens for mass service and the "eskudantza" dance is performed in several spots along the way from the village to the hermitage by 10 or 12 dancers carrying sticks with red and white laces. On the third Sunday in May, on the Debarra's Day, the "eskudantza" is also danced following mass.

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Antigua calzada a Itziar (Barrio Egia)  - 20820  Deba

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+34 943 192 452 (Deba Tourist Office)

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17th century