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Agirre Palace

  • Agirre palace, Deba

Agirre Palace

The Agirre palace, known also as Casa Valmar house, is one of the best examples of the civil architecture in Gipuzkoa. It was built in the 15th century, outside the village and next to the river. Surrounded by gardens, it is a strong construction divided in a ground floor and three more storeys. The main façade was built in masonry and has wide windows. All of them are finished with a carved-wood eave. The interior is exquisitely decorated. The main room, for instance, has an awesome decoration in the floor, the walls and the roof. The furniture (lamps, wooden chest, pictures, tables, mirrors, candelabra) are also showy. This property houses the Music School, the Gure-Kai dance group, the Aitzuri choir and band, as well as various other municipal departments and conference rooms.

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Calle Astillero, 12  - 20820  Deba

Phone:   +34 943 192 452 (Tourist Office)Phone:  

+34 943 192 452 (Tourist Office)

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15th century