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Oxirando Palace and Tower

  • Oxirando Palace and Tower
  • Oxirando Palace and Tower

Oxirando Palace and Tower

The Oxirando complex comprises the palace and the tower, and has been declared as a Monument in Bizkaia. The tower of late Gothic-style (late 15th century) has a square base and is divided in three storeys. 

The main entrance is under a round arch. The first floor was devoted to daily life activities and has special medieval windows. The last storey used to be a wide, more illuminated lounge. In the main facade we can see the coat of arms of the Palacio family. On the other hand, the Renaissance-style (16th century) palace is terraced, linked to the tower in its western part. Both have the same height and are built with masonry. 

The entrance is a great masterpiece but the most relevant is is the 'loggia' located in the last storey, a decorated cornice separates it from the storey below, and a balcony over which there are Tuscan columns united by archs.

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Type of resources:

Castles, towerhouses and palaces

Monument type:

Tower and palace


Oxirando 1  - 48192  Gordexola

Phone:   +34 946 799 704 (Gordexola Town Council)Phone:  

+34 946 799 704 (Gordexola Town Council)

Artistic style:

The tower has a late Gothic style and the palace is Renaissance-style.

Period :

15th-16th centuries