The basilica of Santo Cristo

The basilica of Santo Cristo

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Located in Lezo's Plaza del Santo Cristo Square, in the beginning the basilica of Santo Cristo was a hermitage. Inside, the visitor could gaze at a Christ carving dating back to the 10th century, a beardless Christ made in Byzantine style.


This image, still kept in the sanctuary, has great artistic value according to experts, many legends revolve around it, thereby attracting many visitors every year. In fact, from the end of the 16th century on, devotion spread and the present Renaissance basilica was built where the ancient hermitage took place. Another peculiar feature of the church is the existence of objects donated by devotees as a sign of gratitude or request.


Several boat models offered by seamen hang down from the sanctuary's roof. What is more, there is a beautiful altarpiece from the 18th century within the basilica of Santo Cristo.


Although there are no guided tours around the sanctuary, there is a Cicerone Spot in Plaza del Santo Cristo Square. Information and auto-guide service by mobile phone enables getting to know better Oarsoaldea's tourist places. As to Lezo, they also provide information on the basilica of Santo Cristo.

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Plaza del Santo Cristo, s/n - 20100 Lezo
Artistic style
16th century

Concerts take place in the sanctuary sporadically as the acoustics are very good.