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Monument to the shepherd

  • Monument to the shepherd

Monument to the shepherd

In this town, birthplace of the Idiazabal cheese, there is a sculpture, a tribute, to the Basque shepherd.


They, shepherds, have managed that this cheese, made up of 'latxa' sheep raw cheese, has become the most special product of the Basque cuisine. Shepherding is, moreover, one of the hardest jobs, since shepherds spend most of the time in cabins scattered around Aizkorri and Aralar. This monument was built in honour of all those people who live shepherding. It was sculpted with great care.


The shepherd, in one of the typical Basque costumes, holds a lamb in his arms, while a shepherd dog looks at him on the right.

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Plaza de San Miguel Arcángel  - 20213  Idiazabal

Phone:   +34 943 188 203 (Tourism Idiazal)Phone:  

+34 943 188 203 (Tourism Idiazal)