Ybargoen tower, Gordexola

Torre de Ybargoen

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Cultural Heritage

The Ybargoen tower was built in the 16th century (there is nothing left of the former tower). One century later, it was renovated and a new storey and new windows were added. Recently, the new owners have done more restorations.


Due to this, the whole structure of the tower has been transformed. The building is cubic and has four floors. The ground floor was used as a stable and the first floor as a residence, which was accessible by means of an outdoor stone staircase, which today no longer exists. The entrance is located under a round arch. Because the fist storey is very high, another storey and more windows were made, and the building was thus composed by four storeys. The attic looks onto the outside part in order for the products to be exposed to the open air and keep fresh; instead of windows, battlements were used for this.


Type of monument: Tower. Period: 16th century.

Access requirements: Private property.

Distance to the town centre: 1 km.

Parking: Parking is allowed nearby.

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Castles, towerhouses and palaces
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Barrio El Pontón - 48192 Gordexola
16th century