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Torre de La Quadra

  • La Quadra

Torre de La Quadra

The La Quadra tower is in the Cadagua valley. The tower, which belonged to the Quadra family, was built in the 15th century and played an important role in the local fights during the Middle Ages. It is a more complicated tower than it may be thought.


It is almost 20 metres high and has an inner wall. The base is square and the walls are built with masonry and ashlar. The tower has three floors; the ground floor was used as a stable, store and, when necessary, as a prison. On the first floor, eight-metre high, was the main residence and the upper floor had one room only, illuminated by pointed windows. A ogee window stands out, with the coats of arms of the Salcedo and Zamudio families.


The inner structure was made in wood and the roof is pyramidal. Type of monument: Tower. Period: 15th century. Distance to the town centre: 5 km. Car park: Near the tower there is a parking place. Observations: The tower is a private property.

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Barrio de La Quadra de Arriba   - 48840  Güeñes

Phone:   +34 946 802 976Phone:  

+34 946 802 976

Period :

15th century