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The hermitage of Gurutzeta

The hermitage of Gurutzeta is the former parish church of Idiazabal. The altarpiece is made of golden wood and contains a Gothic carving of the Virgin of Kurutzeta dating back to the end of the 13th century.


It has been restored several times and can be found nowadays lying on a silver throne from Granada's R. Moreno workshop. The hermitage has rectangular plan, wooden ceiling and a baptismal font dating from the 16th century, which occupies the place of a previous one dating back to the 8th century.


What is more, it has mementos related to Brother Sebastián Elorza, an Augustinian born in 1882 who lived in Arizkorreta-Saletxe farmhouse, very close to the hermitage. In past times crowds of people attended the place to seek for somewhere to shelter during journeys. It was restored in 1972.

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Religious buildings
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Barrio Serotegi - 20213 Idiazabal
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Renaissance, Baroque
Middle Ages


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