Church of San Martin de Tours

Church of San Martin de Tours

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The San Martín de Tours church, located at Plaza Iparragirre, is of medieval origin, most likely dating back to the time when the town was founded. However, the church¿s appearance today owes largely to the renovations that have been carried out on it from the 16th century onwards. For example, the apse had to be knocked down in 1861 in order to make way for the Azkoitia road. Its austere and solid construction suggests that it originally also served a defensive function. With a sober façade, its interior is a harmonious blend of gothic, Renaissance and even Baroque designs. The precious wooden dome which covers the temple is particularly striking, and is a gem of the wooden architecture that was so popular in this town.

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Plaza Iparragirre - 20700 Urretxu
Artistic style
Basque Gothic
Sixteenth century


  • Exhibition hall
  • Conference Hall