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Muxika Tower

  • Muxika Tower, Muxika

Muxika Tower

Muxika tower house, built in the 10th Century by the owners of the Arteaga house, was the scene for many side wars. The present building is a large-size work built over a prior wall and rests over a hillock that oversees a beautiful landscape. Moreover, it mixes the architectural styles typical of tower houses and rural palaces because its interior was occupied by a renaissance palace, but with some Gothic elements too. The building's main structure, formed by a patio and a residence, was restored in the 19th Century, and so it was the cover, changed partially. Type: Tower. Period: 14th Century. Access requirement: It is a private building so visits are not allowed to the interior. Urban centre: 4 km.

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Barrio San Román  - 48392  Muxika

Phone:   +34 946 257 609Phone:  

+34 946 257 609

Period :

14th Century