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Olazarra-Mizkia Palace

  • Olarra-Mizkia Palace

Olazarra-Mizkia Palace

Lucas de Olazaharra captain ordered the construction of this house in the end of the 17th century. Its main façade is built in masonry and the structure consists of ground floor and three floors. On the ground floor, the access has a moulding around the door and windows at the sides with bars. As for the first floor, four openings join in pairs to form a wrought iron balcony that contains a great coat of arms in the middle. A wide and long balcony on the second floor also covers the four windows and bears in the middle an artisan painting fanned out. To finish, the third floor has also four openings, two side and two central spaces joined by a balcony of the same structure. To round it off, it should be mentioned that a wide eave with drawings engraved in the beams are similar to Galdona Palace's. Nowadays the building houses private dwellings.

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17th century