John Palace (La Bolsa building)

John Palace (La Bolsa or Stock Market Building)

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Cultural Heritage

The Palacio John, also known as the Edificio de la Bolsa (old Stock Market Building), is located in Bilbao's old part. This Baroque building opens to three different streets. 

The most spectacular façade faces onto calle Pelota Street. The main entrance has a lintol surounded by mouldings mixing straight and curved lines. This façade includes a vaulted niche with the image of the Virgen de Begoña. 

The entrance in calle Torre Street is more austere, with a balcony above. This façade bears the coat of arms belonging to four Byscaine families. 

The palace was built in cut-stone masonry and has an inner courtyard. It consists of three floors linked by a stone staircase. 

Nowadays the Edificio de La Bolsa is a cultural and social centre. Type: Palace. Style: Baroque. Activities: Talks, lectures, press conferences and different events. It is a cultural centre. Car park: Pay car parks nearby.


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Pelota 10 - 48005 Bilbao
Artistic style

Talks, lectures, press conferences and various other activities are organised. The building is a cultural centre.


  • Public toilet
  • Exhibition hall
  • Conference Hall