Monument to Elcano

Monument to Elcano

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This monument was built in memory of Juan Sebastián Elcano, one of the most distinguished important figures in Getaria.


The sculpture displays elements of the Art Deco style, which was in vogue during the period in which it was built. It sits on an old bastion of the wall of Getaria, which serves as its base. The monument is crowned with a Winged Victory of Samothrace, in the style of the figureheads which adorned the prow of the vessels. On the lower section, a bas-relief by the same sculptor portrays Juan Sebastián Elcano; inside the building, an inscription lists the names of the other crew members who, together with Elcano, successfully completed the voyage.


It should be mentioned that there are two statues of Elcano in town: one in Plaza Elcano dating back to 1861 and built by Antonio Palao and Plaza de los Gudaris built in 1888 by Ricardo Bellver.

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Carretera N-634 hacia Zarautz - 20808 Getaria
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20th century


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