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Hernáiz Country House

  • Hernáiz Country House
    Hernáiz Country House

Hernáiz Country House

Hernáiz brothers ordered the construction of the house in 1904 when they came back from Puerto Rico as rich men. They entrusted it to French-Basque architect Jean Batiste Darriquy.


His participation was decisive for the building's final appearance because he merged several styles: Neo-Norman for complex coverings, eclecticism in mouldings for hollows and corners and modernism for the façade door and the ground floor's terrace.


But its uneven structure and the colour variety (red wood, limestone-gray, slate black and cream paint) were the most outstanding features of Hernáiz house.


The house was restored in 1971 and divided in three residences, thus changing its interior. Private property closed to the public.


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Barrio de Concha, 71  - 48891  Karrantza Harana/Valle de Carranza

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