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Arana Palace (Izurtza)

  • Arana Palace (Izurtza)

Arana Palace (Izurtza)

Juan Ramón Arana built the majestic Arana palace in 1852 and it is located in Izurtza. Neoclassic building with outstanding residence dimensions, it is divided in three floors, all of them very distinguishable. The garden is also worth admiring, a beautiful woods with a marvellous pond. The compound has been always admired because of its beauty and nowadays it is a private property. Type: Palace. Style: Neoclassic. Period: 19th Century. Access requirements: The palace is a private property so only the outside can be visited.

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Barrio Elizalde, 23  - 48213  Izurtza

Phone:   +34 946 813 548 (Izurtza Town Hall)Phone:  

+34 946 813 548 (Izurtza Town Hall)