Portillo Country House

Portillo Country House

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When he came back from Cuba at the beginning of the 20th Century, where he made his fortune, Luís Portillo bought a country house, restored it and turned it into a summer residence. Architect Jean Batiste Darroquy was responsible for the project. 


The building's report was not easy because, taking the old building as a base, he had to build a new one. He had to turn a country house into a middle class building, one with the entrance facing southwards into another whose entrance would face westwards. The architect respected the old building but east and west façades, where he added new bodies. 


Portillo presents a mixture of styles: Eclectic classicism and Neo-Basque styles in the new bodies and wooden structure in the old parts. Red and cream prevail in the building. The roof is very complex too, with wide projections and many slopes.


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La Tejera, 1 - 48891 Karrantza Harana/Valle de Carranza
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20th Century