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Aizkorri Megalithic Site

  • Artzanburu dolmen

Aizkorri Megalithic Site

Aizkorri Megalithic site is located between Oñati lands and Urbia and Altzania communal pasture lands in Urbia high lands.


The site comprises nine monuments: five dolmens (Aizkorritxo, Artzanburu, Gorostiaran Oeste, Kalparmuñobarrena and Pagobakoitza), three burial mounds (Gorostiaran Este, Malla and San Adrián) and Zorrotzarri menhir. It is the highest megalithic site in Gipuzkoa since almost all the monuments are located at an altitude of 1,100 metres.


Palaeolithic remains have been found in excavation works, even if most of them date back to Eneolithic and Bronze Age periods.

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Campas de Urbia  - 20560  Oñati

Phone:   +34 943 783 453 (Oñati Tourist Office) / +34 943 781 316 (Urbia Inn)Phone:  

+34 943 783 453 (Oñati Tourist Office) / +34 943 781 316 (Urbia Inn)

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