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Santa María church (Tolosa)

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Santa María church (Tolosa)

The Saint Mary's church, with a surface of 1630 square meters, is located in the historic quarter of Tolosa, in the Santa Maria square, next to the town hall. It has a hall with three naves of great height. Likewise, false ribbed vaults can be seen, all of them supported by six large columns. The front of the baptistry dates from the 13th century and it belonged to Saint Stephen's chapel. It was moved to this church in 1918. As far as the inside is concerned, we can admire a central altarpiece, as well as several images painted on the side walls. These alterations of a neoclassic nature were introduced at the beginning of the 19th century by the architect Silvestre Pérez.

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Plaza de Santa María  - 20400  Tolosa

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+34 943 671 034 / +34 943 697 413 (Tolosaldea Tourist Office)

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17th century