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San Pedro de Romaña church

  • San Pedro Romaña church

San Pedro de Romaña church

The church of San Pedro Romaña is a square building with three naves and polygonal apse; moreover, it was embellished with masonry and checker work walls. Another interesting feature of the church: it mixes late Gothic and Classicist style. On the other hand, the church¿s altarpieces form a significant Baroque compound.

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Special offers

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Type of resources:

Religious buildings

Monument type:

Parochial church


José Antonio Aguirre, 60  - 48880  Trucios-Turtzioz

Phone:   +34 946 809 040 (Trucios-Turtzioz Town Council)Phone:  

+34 946 809 040 (Trucios-Turtzioz Town Council)

Artistic style:

Late Gothic and classicist

Period :

16th century