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Portu House

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Portu House

The Portu House, currently the Town Hall, has carried out different functions throughout its long history (post office, telegraph¿). It was erected by the family of the same name in the 16th century, although the facade expresses a later inspiration. Located in the Plaza de los Fueros, it is a palatial building of rectangular floor plan and three heights. The main façade is made from ashlar, of a symmetric composition with three cavities per floor. Access is given by a spacious door framed by classic fluted columns which hold the base of the first floor central balcony. It has two windows at the sides with Baroque motifs on the lintels. The remaining cavities are wrought iron balconies. Two Ionic pilasters emphasize the monumentality of the building. On the 17th of January 1964 it was declared an Artistic Historical Monument.

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Calle Zigordia, 13  - 20800  Zarautz

Phone:   +34 943 833 641 (ARAZI)Phone:  

+34 943 833 641 (ARAZI)


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16th century