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Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción (Zumarraga)

The construction of this temple began in 1576, but it had to be carried out in several stages. At first, most of the temple was erected in Basque Gothic style. It has a hall, three naves of equal height covered by a ribbed vault that supports itself on columns with a cylindrical shaft and on Doric capitals. The main façade, however, is from the Baroque period and it is accessed by means of a wide porch that has round arches.


On the vertical plane of the façade rises the tower, which has a square floor plan and a Baroque finish. In terms of interior decoration, noteworthy are a Baroque Christ, the work of Mauricio Valdivielso, and the beautiful main altarpiece, from the 18th century with Baroque and neoclassic elements.

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Elizkale, 2 - 20700 Zumarraga
Artistic style
Basque Gothic
16th Century


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