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Garro Palace

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Garro Palace

The beautiful Garro Palace was built in the 17th century in Baroque style and is located in the middle of Leintz-Gatzaga. Totally restored, it has been the municipality's cultural centre and toy library since 1987. The facade is quite appealing for it has a coat of arms with lily flower-cross and four wolves facing each other. We will find the exhibition room on the first floor, which also houses Toki Eder ¿a recreational and cultural society-, the toy library, the library and meeting rooms. The premises measure 70 square metres that can be divided into two separate halls where groups and associations with no profit motive in mind carry out exhibitions.

Services: Recreational area / Children facilities / Park / Exhibition hall / Conference Hall / Guided visit

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Santiago, 2   - 20530  Leintz Gatzaga

Phone:   +34 943 714 792 (Leintz-Gatzaga Tourist Office)Phone:  

+34 943 714 792 (Leintz-Gatzaga Tourist Office)

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17th century


The Town Council and the Cultural Centre arrange several activities.