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Eibar Town Council

This building, regarded as a monument of the Basque Country, was opened on the 14th of September of 1901 with an outstanding party.


The Eibar people organised an exhibition of the material produced in the village -weapons, and so on- and, after the official party, a big meal was held and 'esku-dantza' dancing performed. It is a rectangular-based building of neoclassical style. It can be entered through a big arcade going from side to side. The main façade falls into five parts symmetrically distributed. The central part is prominent thanks to its columns and decoration. Its central balcony was the place where the republican flag was first hoisted on the 14th of April of 1931, a landmark fact that draws the attention of tourists and historians. Inside, there are portraits of some knights of the Order of Santiago.


The building was restored in 2002 but keeping untouched San Sebastián architect Ramón de Cortazar's original project.

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Plaza Untzaga, 1 - 20600 Eibar
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20th century


  • Park
  • Conference Hall