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Unzueta Tower House

  • Unzueta Tower House
  • Unzueta Tower House

Unzueta Tower House

The Unzueta family has been tightly linked to Eibar and Gipuzkoa all over history.


In the Middle Ages they took part in the side wars, fighting for the Oñaz side, that is the reason why the tower suffered many attacks. The present palace was built in the 17th century by orders of Mrs. Angela María de Unzueta, in the same location of the old tower, where not much remains can still be found. Two of its façades, those overlooking Azitain neighbourhood, were built in grey masonry stone.


The building consists of four windows on each of the floors with wrought iron bars or balconies. In the middle of the main façade the visitor will find the Unzueta family's coat of arms.


Nowadays it is home to La Salle Azitain school.

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Gorosta Balle, 34  - 20600  Eibar

Phone:   +34 943 121 698 (La Salle Azitain School) / +34 943 820 110 (Debegesa)Phone:  

+34 943 121 698 (La Salle Azitain School) / +34 943 820 110 (Debegesa)

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17th century