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Spa of Alzola

  • Spa of Alzola

Spa of Alzola

The legend says that some kids who were bathing in the River Deba in winter discovered the thermal springs of Alzola.


Whether it is true or not, Doctor Francisco Platón sent a letter to Elgoibar Town Council in 1775 in order to announce how healthy the water dripping from some specific spot in Alzola was and ordering to find the spring.


Thus, in 1844 Pedro Manuel Aristrain registered this water and after demolishing Etxezuria farmhouse, he built a spa that opened its doors in 1846.


The spa was very successful in the 19th century and received many foreign visitors who came to heal up or rest.


Today, the building is not available as a spa, but hosts the offices of the company managing this special water.

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Barrio Alzola  - 20870  Elgoibar

Phone:   +34 943740288 (Town Council) / +34  943743758Phone:  

+34 943740288 (Town Council) / +34  943743758

Period :

19th century