Anunzibai bridge

Anunziabai bridge

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Martín de Larrea built Anunzibai Bridge, which constitutes a relevant heritage element because it is one of the most monument-like bridges in Bizkaia. Moreover, it is the main connection between San Miguel hermitage and the old ironworks. With rounded layout and only one eye, this Baroque and Classicist bridge is enriched with podiums finished in fantastic animals. Nearby the visitor will find the hermitage consecrated to San Miguel and the beautiful palace designed by Jesús Basterrechea in 1941 in Neo-medieval style and nowadays turned into a restaurant. Type: Bridge. Style: Baroque and classicist. Period: 18th century Parking: There is a parking zone in the surroundings, in Anunzibai palace.

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Barrio de Anunzibai - 48410 Orozko