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Church of San Pedro de Murueta

  • Church of San Pedro de Murueta

Church of San Pedro de Murueta

The beautiful church of San Pedro de Murueta, located in Orozko, has been recently restored, highlighting its beauty. It is a rectangular-plan building with two square stretches and three-length chamfered apse. The temple has beautiful brushstrokes in the apse and the nave. Likewise, we would like to mention the church's four altarpieces and two other excellencies: a Gothic carving of Saint Peter, dating back to the 14th Century and a Baroque canvas depicting Saint Peter's Denial, which dates back to the 17th Century. That is why the church of San Pedro de Murueta constitutes a gem of Renaissance architecture.

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Parochial church


Barrio de Murueta  - 48410  Orozko

Phone:   +34 946 122 695 (Tourist Information Point)Phone:  

+34 946 122 695 (Tourist Information Point)

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