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Azkarate Marutegi (Agirrebeña)

Azkarate Marutegi house, also known also as Agirrebeña, was built in 1541 in Bergara following orders of Juan Martínez de Marutegi Azkarate, accountant of Castille's King. The building has interesting elements on its facades.


One of the corners, for instance, has a nice balcony built in the beginning of the 17th century and crowned with the family's coat of arms.


On the contrary, the facade overlooking Calle San Pedro Street, consists of 53 outstanding plaques in polychrome ceramics, made in Germany in the 16th century. Apparently, It is supposed that their function, in that period, was to function as a stove, although in the end they were used to decorate the facade.


Nowadays the building hosts the Batzoki (headquarters of the Basque Nationalist Party) in Bergara.

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Casa Palacio

Plaza Ariznoa - 20570 Bergara
Artistic style
16th century


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