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Ozaeta Tower House

  • Ozaeta Tower House

Ozaeta Tower House

Ozaeta Tower House nowadays belongs to Koldo Lasa, who has established the Restaurant Lasa inside the building. However, the building's history goes back to the Middle Ages. It was built outside the village, near the road to Arrasate-Mondragón. Years later, in 1565, it was rebuilt following King Enrique IV's orders to dismantle all defensive buildings. The house was the residence of one of the main families in the Oñaz side and there lived, for instance, one sister of Saint Ignatius Loiola. Besides, one of its last owners was another key figure in Basque culture and politics: Telésforo Monzón.

Services: Bar/Coffee bar / Parking / Park / Restaurant

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Zubiaurre, s/n  - 20570  Bergara

Phone:   +34 943 761 055 (Restaurant Lasa) / +34 943 769 003 (Tourist Office)Phone:  

+34 943 761 055 (Restaurant Lasa) / +34 943 769 003 (Tourist Office)

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16th century