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Karaketa-Irukurutzeta Route of the Dolmens

  • Pagobedeinkatu

Karaketa-Irukurutzeta Route of the Dolmens

This route, named "Route of the Dolmens" by the eminent paleontologist and ethnographer José Miguel Barandiarán, is located within the Elosua-Soraluze megalithic station, which goes from Irimo range (Urretxu) to Maltzaga and Soraluze-Placencia de las Armas, passing through Elosua and Agerreburu (Bergara).


These lands, connecting Urola and Deba valleys, offer the visitor 16 megalithic monuments: Agerreburu, Aitzpuruko Zabala, Atxolin, Iruiya, Irukurutzeta and Keixetako Egiya Sur dolmens; and the burial mounds of Aizkoin, Atxolin Txiki, Keixeta, Keixetako Egiya Norte, Kutzebakaar, Maurketa, Naasiko Goena, Pagobedeinkatu, Trekutz and Gizaburua. Some of the burial monuments are located in the Karakate-Irukurutzeta hill. The route, quite even, takes one hour and offers magnificent views. The views are spectacular in any direction because the sea can be seen on the one side and, on the other side, appear mountains such as Aralar, Aizkorri, Anboto or Gorbeia.


On clear days even the Peñas de Aia and the beginning of the Pyrenees are visible. Cars must be parked beside the Karakate antenna, 8 km. away from Soraluze-Placencia de las Armas. 

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