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Egino-Mallea Palace

  • Egino-Mallea Palace

Egino-Mallea Palace

The palace's Renaissance façade is one of the best kept in Gipuzkoa. It displays all mannerist characteristics: sobriety, little decoration and symmetric distribution of classic elements.


The façade's central part shows a door that resembles a triumphal arch. The structure of the three floors is very similar. On the ground floor, a semi-circular arch voussoir-decorated gives access to the house. There is an Ionic column on each side. The main floor has a similar structure but instead of a semi-circular arch there is a lintel-opening and the columns support a decorated frieze. Finally, on the upper floor, the window is smaller.


Master builder Pedro de Ibarra built the palace that nowadays hosts private dwellings. Thus, visits are allowed but not in the interior.

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Masterreka, 1  - 20570  Bergara

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+34 943 769 003 (Tourist office)

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16th century