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House no. 3, Goenkalea

  • House no. 3, Goenkalea

House no. 3, Goenkalea

This house was built in the early 16th century and is perfectly preserved thanks to its stone structure. The ground floor and corbels supporting the first floor, in Gothic style, were built in masonry. The building is just behind the church of San Pedro de Ariznoa, in the centre of town. Koldo Eleizalde, writer and one of the founders of Euskaltzaindia (the Basque Royal Academy of Language), was born here in 1878. Barcelona's Pueblo Español Park shows a replica of this building.

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Casa Palacio


Goenkalea, 3  - 20570  Bergara

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+34 943 769 003 (Tourist Office)

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16th century